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We share leadership in a cross racial, intergenerational, gender diverse team.  We create frameworks that interrupt structural and systematic oppression through a participatory process that values the wisdom and experience of each individual. We are committed to facilitating embodied work that enables the capacity for change and recognizes that organizations thrive when they are rooted in and sustained by the communities that are most affected by inequity.

Kent Alexander

Kent Alexander integrates somatic practices while utilizing practical tools to investigate and navigate the history of racism, challenge stereotypes, and explore otherness, as well as how to cultivate the skills needed to move beyond our biases and toward collective healing.

Past and present clients include Mount Grace Land Trust, United Way of Hampshire County, TerraCorps, and the Western Massachusetts Training Consortium. Kent also currently serves as the Equity and Inclusion advisor for the ValleyCreates initiative of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

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Angela Röell generates impact evaluations for organizations and institutions such as the Franklin
County Sheriff’s Office and TerraCorps (AmeriCorps).

Angela evaluates impact and effectiveness of key logic model objectives centering equitable community engagement in the food justice movement. Angela designs cooperative leadership trainings using a responsive approach to help clients integrate equitable community engagement strategies into community
asset mapping, stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning.

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Angela Roell

Kent Alexander and Angela Roell develop organizational frameworks for dismantling systemic inequities, implicit biases, and racial disparities. We facilitate community planning and evaluation processes to help organizations develop and maintain accountability to the communities they serve.

Angela and Kent have most recently collaborated on an Equity Framework for the Blueprint, a cross-regional network of business technical assistance providers that facilitates professional development, networking, and advocacy opportunities for members while cultivating a pipeline of future service providers. The Equity Framework design for Blueprint consisted of the framing of an analysis of the current state of the partnership, a rubric for goal setting, project planning and evaluation of organizational progress towards equity goals, appendices of organizational resources a glossary of anti oppression terms and a reading list.

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