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“Through this process, they have provided valuable mentoring and feedback as I have helped New Entry move forward with outreach in a new community. They have also provided guidance as I thought about how to build authentic relationships between New Entry and our surrounding community that will outlast my time here.”

Marissa Patterson, TerraCorps

“I found going through the Community Needs Assessment process very beneficial, the different perspectives were really beneficial for me.  How to balance the power in a room when interviewing stakeholders, trying to get everyone’s voice.  Especially not having a background in anything close to this the methods you gave us to conduct interviews, gather data, were very helpful.”

TerraCorps Member

“We have had the opportunity to engage with Angela and Kent through a variety of trainings. From workshops on diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, community engagement, and an extensive 10-month community needs assessment course, Kent and Angela have designed and delivered each training specific to our needs and goals. Their tailored workshops and trainings not only support our members in their pursuits of being life-long learners, but their continued professional development.

In all trainings, Kent has brought a great deal of energy, passion, and understanding into his work. Angela has shown amazing responsiveness, creativity, and willingness to engage and dive deep with our members.

One of the most extensive trainings we have offered as a program was a 10-month Community Needs Assessment Course designed and led by Angela.  Angela took a leap with us in creating this new comprehensive course and building it from the ground up. Angela was able to meet all of our questions and challenges with ideas and solutions. They worked with us to create an application process, contract, schedule, lessons, surveys, and more as tools in launching and running the course. Angela’s unwavering enthusiasm, encouragement, and willingness to go the extra mile to set up individual check-ins and find additional resources for members was incredible. We were so grateful to have had the chance to work with Angela and the co-facilitators they brought in as guest speakers through this course”

Hanna Mogenson, TerraCorps, Chief Program Officer  

“Thank you, Angela and Kent! I see your recommendations for our organization as strong, clear, and doable.”

Ela Chapin, The Blueprint

“Angela, Kent, thank you both for your work on this project and for so intentionally bringing us into the fold.  You did a thorough job of integrating what surfaced in the group and points that are recommendations based on your expertise.”

Kevin Irby, The Blueprint

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