Our Process and Services

Our Process

We are a process oriented team

5 Words that Describe Us and Our Process

Community Centered

Our Process:

Our process seeks to interrupt relations of racial and social inequity by identifying and
challenging the structures and institutions that keep white supremacy and cis-hetero-patriarchy
in place. This interruption of oppressive norms is key for both the participants and the
facilitators. In this regard, our process is a powerful “laboratory” for disrupting oppression.

Our Services

Cultivating Organizational Change

  1. Seeding Growth — 2-3 hour consultation to assess organizational needs to create an
    action plan.
  2. Germinating — Day-long training programs with a maximum of 6 hours designed to
    address systemic oppression, power dynamics, and organizational change.
  3. Creating a Root System– Collaboratively-built frameworks for structural and
    organizational change, rooted in anti-racism praxis.
  4. Cultivating Resources – Implementation of organizational frameworks to disrupt systemic oppression and foster cooperative leadership structures.
  5. Activating, Perennial Care – Transformational change based on long-term consulting and training based on qualitative data analysis.

Hourly Rates:

Our team’s hourly rate is $300.

Hourly rates apply to our team’s consulting, and short term trainings. This rate does not include prep and follow-up time; when applying our hourly rate to trainings, we bill for all hours we work, including prep and follow-up. This does not include travel, lodging, and per diem expenses.
Note that for work involving significant travel, we generally bill by the day.

We offer a sliding scale rate to clients who are marginalized by our social, economic and political structures. A sliding scale creates equitable access to our services and addresses systemic oppression of marginalized groups. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

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